Take Nothing Personally

Alana Winter

“Take nothing personally”
Don Miguel Ruiz – The Four Agreements.

Know that what ever others say or do is always more about that person more than about you.

It’s easy to think that someone is acting towards us in a certain way because of something that we did, or because we don’t deserve to be treated better. But the former isn’t always the case, and the latter never is.

You DO have the choice to get curious about their thoughts and actions, but you also have the choice to ignore it.

The closer the person is to you, or the closer that their criticism touches on a fear or doubt that you have about yourself, the more it stings, and the harder it is to ignore.

It’s much easier to ‘take nothing personally’ from strangers, or when it seems so off base to us that it’s ridiculous. It’s always interesting to ask ourselves what’s being triggered for me here?