Whether You’re Leading Through Significant Growth, or Navigating Through Chaos or Crisis, You’re Probably Facing These Exact Challenges...

The Good News is You’re Not Alone

Every CEO, entrepreneur and leader who has scaled a company has faced these exact challenges.

You need a trusted sounding board who has “been there, done that” and has coached others through the exact inner and outer game you’re playing now.

On the other side of your current challenges, there is significant scaling and personal peace available.

After 20 years as a serial entrepreneur building my own companies (including several exits) and 13+ years of personally coaching thousands of entrepreneurs and their leadership teams, I’ve discovered that scaling successfully comes down to aligning your two WORLDS: your inner world and outer world.


Internal World

(LIST: values, alignment, fears, clarity, boundaries, balance, priorities, clarity on priorities, psychology / drivers / motivators, communication, etc)

I get what’s going on in your mind and can help you navigate chaos with calm and clarity by raising your awareness and finding alignment.


External World

(LIST: team members, hiring, systems, opportunities, funding, strategy, pivot, business model, etc)

My range of experience makes me a great strategic sounding board, and my vast network gives me quick access to the tactical solutions you need.

My unique coaching style combines and aligns both to get to the root cause while immediately addressing your current challenges. I bring a scientific approach (with my background in psychology and neuroscience applied to the entrepreneurial mind) combined with my business acumen to help you navigate through the uncertainty of rapid growth, pivots, and even crisis or chaos.

I’ve coached leaders of companies ranging from $1M to $1B in annual revenue (my sweet spot is working with entrepreneurs and leadership teams of fast-growing companies at $20M – $100M).

The best way to discover how I can help you is to book a Solution Session, where I’ll coach you through your most pressing challenge or opportunity right now.

On this 75 minute Solution Session, I will serve as a sounding board on one specific current challenge you’re facing to gain crystal clarity on your next step. This can include:

Our first session is $1500. I offer sliding scale scholarships to select entrepreneurs in need during these unprecedented times. If that’s you, mention that in your application. If you’re thriving and I can help you through growth challenges, your fee will help subsidize an entrepreneur in need (and may even save jobs).

Ready to gain crystal clarity on your most pressing challenge?

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Success Stories

I’ve Helped Hundreds of Leaders
Like You and Their Teams Transform

Alana will exceed your every expectation…

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Mick Millans
Managing Partner, Future Quarry Resources

Alana is the most engaging and thought provoking consultant.

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Karen Hertz
Hertz Legal Law Employment

Alana was excellent.

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Matt Zemon

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“What business are you going to open up when you grow up Alana?”

It’s 2006 when my attorney calls and says, “Alana, your company is officially sold!”

I respond flatly, “Oh ok, thanks,” and end the call.

Suddenly, I feel like I’ve been set out to drift in space and just received the last communication from Earth. I know all the business calls and emails are over.

My friend says, “That’s amazing. You sold your company!
What do you want to do now?”
I reply, “Get an ice cream?”,
…but all I’m thinking is,

“Who I am now?
What do I do with my life?”

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